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10 Key Things Great Leaders Do During Their Weekends

10 Key Things Great Leaders Do During Their Weekends It takes a special set of qualities and traits to rise to a successful leadership position. Effective leaders have the ability to make decisions that build successful gruppes. They have the ability to project their vision onto their team members, molding them with similar, effective traits and skills. Transformative leaders are great communicators that have mastered the decision-making process, and know how to project these abilities onto those around them. And their leadership role isnt limited to just business. Theyre effective leaders in all aspects of their lives because of their passion, ambition, and drive. And they know what to do with their down time.Great leaders understand the importance of managing their time and team effectively so that they can maximize every opportunity to achieve their goals. Many of the distinctive traits and qualities, like emotional intelligence, that we attribute to effective leaders can be linke d to the decisions they make about how they spend their weekends. For great leaders, weekends are an important time to engage in activities that enhance their leadership styles, skills, and quality of life. Here are 10 things many of them do on their off days1. They Rest For those in successful leadership roles, weekends are a wonderful time for rest and relaxation. Resting, however, can take on many forms. From an afternoon nap to binge watching a favorite show on Netflix, great leaders find time to rest and reset.2. They Read Saturdays and Sundays give great leaders the opportunity to catch up on some good reading. Many great leaders are voracious readers who enjoy reading books and periodicals about current market trends and personal development. They learn how to enhance their decision-making process and leadership techniques. But, in addition to reading materials that enhance their business acumen, great leaders also enjoy books and reading materials that get their mind off of business affairs like fiction novels and travel magazines.3. They Catch Up on Work For great leaders, weekdays are often filled with meetings, business activities and parenting obligations. Weekends provide great leaders with an opportunity to catch up on work they arent able to complete during the week.4.They Spend Time with Friends and Family Some great leaders use their weekends to connect with the important people in their lives. Whether its going out to a special event, hosting a dinner anlass or catching a movie, weekends afford great leaders the opportunity to carve out quality time for those who mean the most.5.They Disconnect For some great leaders, weekends present a good opportunity to shut down the lap tops, turn off their cell phones and unplug from social media. In our hyper connected world, great leaders recognize the need to disconnect from technology to clear their minds and improve their sleep.6. They Plan For great leaders, weekends are an important time to plan. Whether theyre planning for the week ahead or their next vacation, the weekends provide the right mental space to be thoughtful about the little details that might otherwise get lost in the hustle and bustle of the work week.7.They Engage in a Hobby Great leaders like to use their spare time to cultivate an interest or a hobby. Hobbies and outside interests help great leaders to become multi-dimensional people who can relate to others better.8. They Travel Great leaders enjoy traveling to local and exotic destinations. Travel and diving into new cultural experiences allow great leaders to expand their horizons. Experiencing new places and interacting with diverse people helps great leaders to become more culturally aware.9.They Go Back to School In todays competitive global marketplace, great leaders know how important it is to continue to develop themselves both personally and professionally. These days, we landsee an increasing number of business leaders entering executive MBA pro grams to stay on top of evolving business trends and maintain an edge in their industries.10.They Volunteer for a Worthy Cause Many great leaders use their weekends to give back to their communities. There are many charitable groups and organizations that allow great leaders to spend their time making a meaningful contribution to a worthy cause.--Ellie Nieves, JD, MBA, develops webinars, seminars, and coaching programs to help high achieving women show up, speak up, and step up in their careers. She is also the host of the Leadership Strategies for Women Podcast where she shares success tips to help women achieve more both personally and professionally. To learn more, go to

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Jsom Resume Reviews & Tips

Jsom Resume Reviews & Tips Creating your resume is critical. Any template with advanced choices for formatting is ideal since it is going to provide the important versatility to structure a successful resume. Developing your resume is vital. It may be quite tedious trying to make the resume from the start. Youll get perfectly optimized resumes and youll help make your life simpler Find somebody whos performing employment that you would be taking into consideration doing, then understand all of these. If youre a fresher and you arent hoping to discover an entry-level task in a dependable organisation after that you should decide on skills related job application tag lines. If you get the success in impressing HR control during your resume afterward maybe youve found an opportunity to get the undertaking. If youre requesting a job you have a great deal of relevant expertise, its reasonable choose the chronological format. Job application templates chance to be simply idea l for women and men who avoid have the art of producing impressive resumes. Things You Should Know About Jsom Resume Something as simple as locating the best person to control your resume cover letter may have a considerable effect. If youre interested in joining the program or want to figure out ways to recruit students from PPA, please dont hesitate to contact Elizabeth Pigg and make an appointment. The resume cover letter ought to be ideal. Its essential that you personalize each cover letter to the job that you are applying. Sending a generic resume to acquire every occupation isnt the correct method. It resumes online is bedrngnis often sufficient to find a new work. Writing work application is normally an intimidating challenge.

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The Insider Secret on Tech Resume Examples Revealed

The Insider Secret on Tech Resume Examples Revealed On the flip side, if just the notion of spending hours crafting the perfect resume is providing you a headache, dont hesitate to use our resume builder to receive it done in minutes Make certain that you only include things like work experiences related to the ort youre applying for. Your final purpose then is to make a resume that makes yourself stick out from the crowd. For example, if you created a program for a neighborhood non-profit to handle donor info, thats something whichs pertinent to include on your resume. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Tech Resume Examples Our resume builder will provide you with tips and examples on how best to compose your resume summary. They all list the exact same tech abilities. Even though you should always cater each application or resume to every individual job listing to be able to be prosperous in a huge applicant tracking systems, there are some strategies to start highl ighting your technical skills on a resume. Remember that recruiters might not be acquainted with tech jargon, so only utilize as much technical language as you must show what youre capable of. If youre looking for ideas about how to draft a pharmacy technician resume the templates mentioned previously are the things that you require. You merely picked the incorrect tech resume format. You may usually find something with a fast search of the site and news feeds. Make your resume universally understood by utilizing industry-recognized terminology and explaining whatever recruiters might come across confusing. The Little-Known Secrets to Tech Resume Examples Which means you have to define an original objective for each work application. A whole lot of times there are particular abilities or knowledge that pharmacists want in a candidate that are tough to include in different sections of your resume. You came to the correct place to compose your technical resume. Next, think a bout the particular abilities, experience and accomplishments which best match these requirements. The 5-Minute Rule for Tech Resume Examples Theres always the risk that if you put competitive running on your resume that the man reading your resume is a marathoner and offers you an interview because of this. When applying for employment, the very first issue is to earn a fantastic first impression by the manner of your resume. The bullet point reveals that the candidate isnt only intelligent, but in addition hardworking. If want to get the job, you will need to carefully think about every word. If you think skills are wanted in the job which youre applying for, make sure to include them to your resume. Technical job skills play a crucial function in getting hired. It is possible to add additional technical skills that might or might not be regarding the job to reveal the selection of work which you can provide. Required technical skills are occasionally found on the work description. By placing all the info on Work Resume in the center, the Hiring Manager might have to go through the Objective Statement information Strengths sections. To learn more on what it requires to be a Technology Consultant, have a look at our complete Technology Consultant Job Description. To find out more on what it requires to be a It Technician, have a look at our complete IT Technician Job Description. To learn more on what it requires to be a Monitor Tech, take a look at our complete Monitor Tech Job Description. Where to Find Tech Resume Examples You should target each resume to the particular job listing and business. You should also make bulleted lists to neatly summarize key details. Handled all official correspondences going from the squadron. Again, think of what the hiring manager would like to see to convince them to call you in for an interview. No matter where you include your skills section on your resume, you can be confident that the hiring manager is likely to find it and definitely likely to ask about doing it. A stylist is going to want to concentrate on special treatments theyve learned and a retail associate might need to display their merchandising expertise. Your experience for a cashier at Burger King isnt likely to aid you in getting work at an IT consulting firm. It is crucial to remember you need to only add skills that are pertinent to the position youre applying for. Before you jump into writing down all of the amazing talents youve got, lets learn somewhat more about what skills employers typically search for on a resume and see whether youre able to incorporate any in your skills section. If you are in possession of a wide selection of technical abilities, however, your abilities might wind up being precisely what gets you hired. There is an extensive array of unique kinds of technical skills.

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How to Find Your Career Calling

How to Find Your Career CallingHow to Find Your Career CallingThere are some people who wake up on Monday mornings excited to departure the week because they cant wait to go to work. They love their jobs, they love their careers, they love their life. They have found their career calling.And then theres the 15 percent of people who detest their jobs, feel that their careers are going nowhere, and hate their life.For that 15 percent, or anyone in between, this article is for you.Not all of us are born knowing exactly what we want to do with our lives. Sometimes, there are many attempts made at finding the perfect career, only to realize that the job we thought would get us there is really a path to Nowheresville. But heres the thing even if youre in a job that you loathe, there are ways to determine how to find your career calling.Weve culled some of the top tips from the Fast Company article, How to Find Your Calling When Youre Stuck in a Job You Hate. Heres how to get started1. Be o bservant.You hate every aspect of your job. Everything. While some people might say thats a badeanstalt thing, thats actually a very, very good thing. Why? Well, sometimes knowing what you hate can help you figure out what you love. For example, if sitting in a cubicle makes you crazy, you might be better suited towards a job where youre more mobile or even a telecommuting job, which will give you some more freedom. If youre a neatnik and everyone else around you is a slob, you should focus your efforts on a job where your skills will be needed.So take the time to make a list of everything that irritates you about your position and then determine what the opposite of that would be. Chances are, if you take all of those opposites, youve already started narrowing down your focus towards a career that you really want.Hate cubicle life? Ditch those four walls. Browse our list of telecommuting, part-time and flexible jobs in over 50 categoriesand find a new, flexible, job today.2. Reasse ss your outside interests.Maybe you love building model airplanes but youve been told time and time again (by your partner, your parents, your friends) that its just a hobby, not a career. Dont listen to them. In todays world of work-life integration, you no longer have to wait until 500 (or whenever your shift ends) in order to really start doing what you love and enjoying your life. Do some digging online to ascertain if you can turn your interests into a job. And keep this in mind you dont have to make a ton of money in order to be successful. Many workers today support themselves by having a mix of flexible jobs that satisfy their interests- and theyre much happier for it.3. Reach out. If you thought informational interviews were simply another step in the job search process, think again. Many savvy workers use informational interviews as a way to temporarily dip their toes into a career without making a full commitment. They get to see if what they think theyd like to do actual ly matches with the reality of the career field and vermgen job they would be qualified for. So if youre interested in a potential career (or four), make a connection with some companies that represent those interests and set up some interviews. Its a great way to decide whats right for you- and whats not.4. Define your vision of success. For some people, having a big house, a few cars in the driveway, and a chocolate lab are the epitome of success. For others, being able to travel the world would make them happy. You need to have a good long talk with yourself about what success means to you. After all, success isnt always found in just one job, nor does it mean youre unsuccessful if it takes you a few attempts to find your career calling. But make sure youre successful based on how you define it.Its not always easy to find your career calling, but it is always possible and it is always worth it Keep trying, and eventually you will land a job that meets all of your criteria for suc cess and happiness. Believe us its right around the corner.Readers, how have you tried to find your career calling? Let us know in the comments

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The worlds top nonfiction authors are reading these six books

The worlds top nonfiction authors are reading these six booksThe worlds top nonfiction authors are reading these six booksTheNext Big Idea Clubhas kicked off its third season of bringing groundbreaking, life-changing books to its worldwide community of nonfiction lovers. Hand-picking just two books per season is no easy task for curators and Heleo Thought LeadersMalcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink. So theyve decided to share leid only the latest seasons two selections, but also four finalists that nearly made the cut, and would totenstill make excellent additions to your bookshelf.Uncensored My Life and Uncomfortable Conversations at the Intersection of Black and White AmericaA 2018 college grad and already a renowned TED speaker and Assistant Editor atThe Atlantic, Zachary R. Wood is one of the most exciting up-and-coming voices in todays social and political discourse. WithUncensored, he offers a timely, informed perspective on race, tolerance, and how to enga ge with people you profoundly disagree with.Never Stop Learning Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and ThriveFocusing onwhatwe learn is a good start, but without attending tohowwe learn, we will struggle to fully grasp new ideas. Drawing on the latest psychological research, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School professor Bradley R. Staats has written a riveting treatise on how we can maximize our learning capabilities, stay ahead of the curve, and enrich our worldly perspectives.What Would the Great Economists Do? How Twelve Brilliant Minds Would Solve Todays Biggest ProblemsAs we grapple with Trumpism, Brexit, and beyond, our world faces a host of economic issues that leave no one unaffected. Renowned economist Linda Yueh brings the wisdom of historys great economic minds to bear on these pressing challenges.Changeable How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at School, at Home, and at WorkWhat if changing problematic behavior is a matter of skill, not will? Harvard Medical Scho ol professor J. Stuart Ablon offers a groundbreaking new roadmap for breaking our bad habits and building good ones- and helping others do the same.The Infinite Desire for GrowthFor both individuals and countries, progress is the goal, but material gain is the obsession. Leading economist Daniel Cohen examines how this came to be, and how we can build a sustainable future that respects personal and collective needs.The Book of Why The New Science of Cause and EffectScientists like to remind us that Correlation is not causation, but Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie look beyond this aphorism. They explain how to tell if a drug really did cure an illness, for example, and dive into everyday examples of causality that will forever change the way you see the world.- - - TheNext Big Idea Clubis a rapidly growing community of readers, writers, thinkers, and creatives, with nearly 5,000 members around the world. Led by renowned authors Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pi nk, the club delivers two groundbreaking, hand-picked books per season to subscribers, in addition to exclusive video series, reading guides, and author interviews that help members make the most of their reading experience. The club also provides opportunities to engage with authors through live events and an online forum, and each subscription means two books donated to under-resourced schools.This post first appeared on Heleo.

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Sample Resume for Construction Project Engineer Job Position

Sample Resume for Construction Project Engineer Job PositionSample Resume for Construction Project Engineer Job PositionConstruction project engineers manage the building of houses, offices and big blocks. They may prepare and supervise construction and liaise with contractors and consultants to ensure that standards and regulations are adhered to. Before you can start working on the job site, you need to work on landing the job with a high with Objective, Technical Skills, Duties, Education and Certification to write your own Construction Project Engineer Resume.Create this Resume Luis Keith2753 Pursglove CourtDayton, OH 45406(111)-428-4575l.keithsampleresume.netJob Objective To be able to work as Project Engineer in a stable construction company where my professional experience in construction engineering and sound knowledge in supervising complex projects will be helpful in coming up with great construction projects.Skills Programming Skills HTML, Microsoft Front Page business Ap plications MS Office, AutoCAD FTP, PC Networking, COBOL Knowledgeable in safety procedures Immensely knowledgeable in all aspects of complex projects Working knowledge in legal papers and permitsProfessional ExperienceChief Construction Project Engineer, January 2009 PresentKhemani Services, Fort Wayne, INResponsibilities Conducted construction meetings with personnel. Supervised the layouts and schematics for the construction of The Fort complex. Ensured that all legal documentations like permits are complete before proceeding with the construction. Participated in bidding and negotiations. Collaborated with project managers in conceiving new project proposals. Incorporated technological processes to speed up completion of projects.Jr. Construction Project Engineer, March 2006 December 2008NRM , Fort Wayne, INResponsibilities Ensured prompt submission of project drawings based on specifications. Prepared accurate logs. Took charge of the procurement of construction materials. Rec eived approved projects from the Architect. Notified the project superintendent on new project developments. Disseminated final documents to bookkeeper. Arranged negotiation schedules for subcontractors.EducationM.S. in Project Engineering, 2006Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NYB.S. in Civil Engineering, 2002Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NYCertifications and Affiliations Association of Construction Engineers Certificate in Advanced Engineering Customize ResumeMore Sample Engineer ResumesComputer Vision Software Engineer Resume Construction Project Engineer Resume Consulting Engineer Resume Consulting Systems Engineer Resume

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How to avoid high-income lifestyle creep

How to avoid high-income lifestyle creepHow to avoid high-income lifestyle creepMy personal goal is to become financially free as soon as possible. As a software engineer in Switzerland, I am earning about $130,000 per year, and, lifestyle creep is one of the toughest parts of my life.With my salary, I am viewed as a high-income earner. And, people think that earning a high-income makes iteasier to become financially free.And in many ways, it does.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moraBut, most high-income earners are bedrngnisfinanciallyfree and a lot of them are leid even wealthy.People believe most high-income earners are wealthy. Indeed they generally showsigns of wealthsuch as a nice car, large house, and pricey suits. But, a lot of these people do leidlagelage have any savings and accumulate large amounts of debt.They arenot wealthy at allIs it any wonder that a third of all Ame ricans have more credit card debt than savings? Its a scary thought, but its also true.The main reason for that is lifestyle creep, and in this post, Im going to spill the beans about how I battled with the devastating phenomenon as well as how Im avoiding its graspAnd more importantly, how high-income earners can overcome lifestyle creep and achieve their own version of financial freedomLifestyle CreepLets start at the beginningwhat is lifestyle creep?As people earn more, they have a tendency to spend more. This means that even though you earn more money each money,you are not saving more. In other words, you arent acquiring additional wealth. At least, not much.This is as simple as that. But it has a large impact on their finances.Lifestyle creep also known aslifestyle inflation, is the main reason whymany high-income earners are not wealthy. In fact, many high-income earners are less wealthy than some low-income earners.To keep up with their lifestyle,high-income earners are oft en using credit. They have enough money to pay their bills and their interests each month. But they do not contribute to increasing their net worth.This is surprising for many people, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you spend as much as you earn and you buy depreciating assets, your net worth will not grow. You may earn $250,000 per year, but if you spend it all, you are not becoming any wealthierOf course,lifestyle creepdoes not only impact high-income earners. Even a small raise to a low-income earner can turn into an inflated lifestyle. Nevertheless, the more income you get, the more you can inflate your life. And consequently, the worse you can make your situation.How Lifestyle Creep Affected My LifeMy journey into Financial independencestarted with my own experience with Lifestyle creep.I have kept a budget since earning my very first dollar.This is a great thing Yet,I made one big mistake. I always kept a budget where the total of my budget welches also my income. And this is a terrible idea.At the end of the month, I was always happy if the sum was positive. But, it was almost always negative. I was saving a little money every year. And I was able to invest some money in my retirement accounts.Once I got my first raise, I simply updated my budget to increase it to my current income level.And of course, I directly started to spend more.My big issue was with computers and technology. I am a huge geek. And, I started playing with servers at home. I bought a server rack and started buying and installing servers.It was a lot of fun, to be honest. At some point, I had 10 systems humming along. I also had a lot of DIY home automation gadgets. At this time, I did not realize what was going on with my finances. After all, my budget was always positive.At some point, I added tracking of my net worth in my financial dashboard.And I realized that it was almost not increasing. It came a bit as a shock for me. I was living alone and I had an o kay salary that was increasing. So how come I did not have more wealth? I took a look at my expenses over time and I saw that they increasing faster than I ever realized.I did some basic research on the internet for ways to make a better budget. And I discovered the concept ofsavings rate. I added this into my financial dashboard. And I took a look at how it evolved over the years.Here is my savings rate over time when I did thatI soon realized something was really wrong. My income increased significantly, yet my savings habits were worse. This was a wake-up call. After this, I decided to seriously cut down my expenses. And I started considering long-term goals.Fortunately, I never went into debt for lifestyle creep. I paid for everything with cash. And I never went over budget. I never used my savings to sustain my lifestyle. I am considering myself very lucky for that.Life as a high-income earnerToday, I earn much more than before. But I did not fall into lifestyle inflation (or c reep) again. I am saving much more money now. My current average savings rate is almost 50%.My current income is about $130,000 per year as a software engineer. Even for Switzerland, this is considered as high-income.Fortunately,I overcame lifestyle creep before I was a high-income earner. Otherwise, I would have wasted a lot more money.Now that I am a high-income earner, I manage to keep my spending in check. When my earning increases, I simply increase my savings. Every new penny simply goes towards my goals.Avoid lifestyle creep by using GoalsI think the best tool there is to manage my expenses is to have goals. Before I started being serious with my finances, I did not have financial goals.Now, I am setting myself goals at the beginning of each year. This helps me a lot during the year. When I get new income, I can simply work towards my goal. I do not think I am loosing out on anything with this. I can see the progression of my goals.Our current goal is to become financially fr ee as soon as possible. We are not far on the track to Financial Independence. But we are making good progress. We will also probably buy a house during our journey. And children will likely come and change our plans. But I have no doubt that our goals will help usNow, not all of the goals have to be aimed towards finances. You can set goals to buy a new TV by the end of the year. Or better, you can set a goal to buy a new car, in cash, in six months. That way, you force yourself to save money towards something you want.One thing is importantthere is nothing wrong with spending money. You are working hard for it. If you want a very good dinner once a week. Then go for it You need to take each purchasing decision being aware of its impact on your finances. And you need to weight the cons and pros of each spending.Avoid lifestyle creep by understandingyour expensesThere is one thing that is incredibly important and that many people often disregard. You need to understand your expenses .The first thing you need to do with each expense is to understand how they will impact your goals. This is why your goals are incredibly important. Once you have goals, you need to ask yourself these questions for each expenseWill you be able to reach your goals with this expense?If not, how much will this put you back?Will this expense come back in the future? Is it recurring?Will this expense incur some other expenses later on?How happier will you be with this expense?You will see that once you have goals and you ask yourself these questions, you will avoid most expenses.Avoid lifestyle creep by controlling maintenanceI think that the question that most people ignore is Will this expense incur some other expenses later on?. This is more important than you may think.Indeed, some of your expenses will incur maintenance costs or upkeep costs.For instance, if you adopt a puppy for $100, you may well spend more than $500 each year to take care of it. You need to think of food, toys an d veterinarian fees. Once again, that is not to say you should not buy a puppy if you want one But there are important things you need to consider when you buy it, not only the purchase price.Another very good example is when buying a new car. If you upgrade your car, you will also increase your upkeep costs. A bigger car will likely cost you more in insurance. A stronger car will also use more gas and you will spend more to fill it. A better car often also means higher fees for maintenance. Tires will be more expensive as well. These are all the things you need to consider for this expense.But most people do not care about that. People only think about the purchase price. This could bea great mistake If you buy several things that then incur a lot of expenses later, you may quickly end up with a lot of extra expenses. And you will wonder how you ended up thereAvoid lifestyle creep by completely ignoring the Joneses, who are probably flat brokeYou probably have heard it many times a lready, but it is very importantYou do not want to try tokeep up with the Joneses.Generally speaking, society expects you to spend more as you earn more. High-income earners are expected toHave a big houseHave a big carDress very wellPlay golfHave expensive vacationsAnd this is not an exhaustive list. These expectations have been here for a long time already. You need to fight these expectations for your life. There is no reason you cannot have a high income and a low-end car for instance.If you ever come to my company parking, it will be easy to spot my car.My car is the cheapest in the parkingand by far. My car probably cost twice less than the next cheapest car of my colleagues. And some of these cars are 10 times more expensive than mine. Do I feel any worse because of that? NoMy car never brought me any pleasure. It is just a tool for me. It transports me from A to B every day and does it perfectly fine. I bought it new and I paid for it in cash. I have very low maintenance fee s on it. Sure, it is not shiny and nobody will ever waste a sight on it. But it worksWe rent a small apartment and we do not play golf. And all our vacations are kept on a small budget. Do we have a worse time because of that? NoBecause we follow these simple rules with our finances, we can save half of our income every month This will help us buy a reasonable house in a few years. And thiswill help us become financially free earlierthan if we were trying to do what other people are doingHigh-Income and Financial FreedomTo a lot of people, it seems like earning a high-income helps a lot to becomefinanciallyfree.It does help, but it is not that simple.As we saw, high-income earners are not as wealthy as we may think. They are faking wealth and people see them wealthy. But a lot of them will never be able to retire if they want to sustain their lifestyle. And for some of them, retiring would mean cutting in half (or more) their expenses. But you cannot cut half of your expenses and ke ep the same lifestyleOf course, a high-income is not all that bad But, you need to decide on a certain lifestyle. Once you did that, earning a high-income can help you become financially free. If you are not spending, more income means you are saving more on a monthly basis. This is extremely valuable. Saving more will mean you will be able tobecome financially free fasterConclusionSimply having a high-income does not make anyone wealthy. And it does not make anyone become Financially Free any faster Most people with high-income simply spend more than people with less income. It makes sense, right?Whatever your financial goals are, you need to be cautious with lifestyle creep. It is a trap in which it is very easy to fall into. Everybody should be aware of this trapIf you are careful with each of your expenses, you can avoid this trap For this, you will need to set yourself some Financial Goals. What do you want to achieve? This will help you decide which expenses are worth it and w hich are not.And you will also need to consider the upkeep costs of your purchases. Most people ignore that and end up with expensive costs from smaller purchases. The direct price of apurchaseis sometimes only the tip of the icebergBy following these simple rules, we are able to overcome lifestyle creep yourself. It is not easy of course. Sometimes the temptation is big. But once you consider your real goals, you realize that most expenses will not make you any happierThis article first appeared on